"The very moment Mike Engle’s artwork meets the eye is unforgettable and captivating. I will never forget the first time I bumped into “Tectonic”, a huge fire-engine-red construction of canvas and wood that made me wonder, “How is it possible that I’ve never come across something so extraordinary in the past 20 years I have devoted to art until now?” His contemporary yet unconventional style leaves a lasting impression on anybody that is looking for art which is of a unique nature. Mike Engle creates haptic masterpieces you won’t find in most galleries, as he applies a precise craftsmanship to his work, giving it both a refined, yet industrial quality. He has established a futuristic aesthetic and his aggressive geometric designs are characterized by a sense of fragmentation, instability, and movement.

Engle is as multidimensional as his art. He took another material, this time metal, and made it his own.  When I discovered the more contemporary metal sculptures of Mike Engle, I was captivated by his exciting use of materials, textures, geometric shapes and patina. He creates a unique interrelationship of color and patina and finds a way for the two to play off one another. His work is an event, which reflects the beauty and variety of the earth’s surface. He bridges the gap like no one else between the superficial and the meaningful as his body of work gives pleasure to both the eye and spirit. Mike Engle is beyond talented. His sense of form, contrast, texture and color is incredible. The way he works with metal and the interesting techniques he uses, result in art that is simply beautiful."

By: Mira Feldon, artla magazine - "Mike Engle - Art From A Different Angle"

“I discovered Mike’s artwork while I was at gallery in Long Beach.  I was immediately drawn to Mike’s work and couldn’t stop thinking about how well it would complement my loft in San Francisco.  I am a fan of contemporary artwork, but also really value the craftsmanship and unique nature of Mike’s work.  “Burnt” and “Chan Crossing” have an industrial, but refined quality to them that fits right in with the style of my loft.  I’ve been out looking for the pieces of art that look like they are meant to be in my apartment and I found that in Mike’s work.  This is modern, contemporary, but rare artwork that you won’t find in most galleries.”

Jill Callan, San Francisco, Art Collector 

"Mike's work reflects a strong sense of design and wonderful coordination of edges, spaces and mass.  His wall-mounted pieces are intriguing to study and enjoy on several levels - they fascinatingly epitomize order while remaining refreshingly playful.  He has mastered the difficulty of presenting works that are mathematically intriguing and yet are readably approachable.  They bring joy to both mind and eye".

Jerry Brommer, Studio City, Artist

“Mike Engle’s metal wall sculptures, communicate a machinist quality; demonstrating keen draftsmanship, geometry and precision.”

“Mike's pieces are a mixture of materials, textures and colors blended together to create a unique visual experience,” Les Jolis Trésors says. “Subtle angles and curves lend an air of boldness and familiarity to the sculptural shapes and industrial aspects of his creations.”

Julian Bermudez, Arts Writer, Grunion Gazette, April 26, 2012

"For most of my life, I have loved repoussé or hammered metal -- the kind of metalworking which harkens back to the past.  However, fairly recently I was introduced to the more contemporary metal sculptures of Mike Engle whose work captivated me by his exciting use of materials, textures, geometric shapes and patina.  While the piece that I purchased is not layered like many of his larger works, its space is nonetheless filled with wonder.  I especially love the interrelationship of color and patina, and how the two play off each other.  Mike’s art reflects the beauty and variety of the earth’s surface.  His work is an event.  In the simplest of terms, Mike’s current body of work gives pleasure both to the eye and spirit.”

Sue Hatem, Sherman Oaks, Art Collector 

“As a gallery owner and art collector I appreciated the creativity and innovation in Mike Engle’s work.  His work was so well received that we added another four weeks to the gallery exhibit.  I purchased two of his works, “Double Crossed” and “Tri-Patina” to be part of my personal Collection.”

Danny Bach, Belmont Shore, Hair and Art Gallery Owner and Art Collector

"Mike Engle is a very talented artist. His sense of form, contrast, texture and color is incredible. The way he works with metal and the interesting techniques he uses, resulted in art that was both unique and beautiful. I viewed Mike's work at his show in Belmont Shores earlier this year and was impressed with the way Mike carried out his theme through the many different pieces of art on display. I especially liked the colors and textures he developed and applied to the individual pieces.  The atmosphere in the room was warm and friendly and all in attendance seemed to enjoy their time with the artist and his work."

Matt Kohlenberger, Irvine, Art Collector 

“As an avid collector of art, I have eagerly followed Mike Engle's artistic development for some time. I am continually amazed by his ability to create dimensional interpretations to life's subliminal observations.  I find his work profound. I have not experienced any other such unique presentations.”

David Schlaeger, Hermosa Beach, Art Collector

“Mike's work with metal textures and colors is spectacular.  Many colors and textures you would think not possible become possible and that's what makes it so interesting.” 

Nixon Lange, Denver, Art Collector

“Innovative, great, one of a kind”

Carl and Yvonne Calkins, Long Beach, Art Collectors